Material Locking Tarp Clip System

Tarp Clip DiagramSeriously over-built, the lil Weggie will preform well and last a very long time!

  1. The locking system is operated with a thumb pad
  2. Heavy gauge stainless steel, convex tension spring
  3. Dual billet aluminum rollers with a touch of knurling to give them bite, riding on over-sized axles
  4. Ample opening to receive several layers of tarp at once
  5. Honeycombed housing reduces weight and adds strength
  6. Over-sized trapped bell eyelet maximizes versatility
  7. Built from polycarbonate with UV protection
  8. Housing is perfectly aligned on long heavy posts
  9. The product is welded together using sonic welding technology


Featured In

When My friend Lori got burned out by the August 30th, 2011 wildfires, she was forced to live on her land, camp fashion, for over 6 months, while trying to rebuild. Her meager campsite was all she had, and the tarps that sheltered it were nothing special...Rebuilding the campsite had been a weekly chore, as the wind, and rain tore thru grommets and lesser clamps with ease, until she discovered the lil weggie. Not only...more >>