Material Locking Tarp Clip System

 lil Weggie. Perfect for

  • Hanging utensils from canopies.
  • Hanging lights from canopies.
  • Securing multiple canopy tents together.
  • Attaching wind walls & side curtains.

  • Anchoring canopies to
    the ground.
  • Hanging banners & signs.
Only $12.00 per pair
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Featured In

When My friend Lori got burned out by the August 30th, 2011 wildfires, she was forced to live on her land, camp fashion, for over 6 months, while trying to rebuild. Her meager campsite was all she had, and the tarps that sheltered it were nothing special...Rebuilding the campsite had been a weekly chore, as the wind, and rain tore thru grommets and lesser clamps with ease, until she discovered the lil weggie. Not only...more >>