Material Locking Tarp Clip System

Everyone needs a lil Weggie and you do too!

No more worries about grommets pulling out or in the wrong place or missing.

You will be surprised at how simple the lil Weggie is to use and how it will extend the use and life of your tarps

  • The newest, most innovative tarp clamp on the market!
  • You will have to try it to believe it!
  • Its use for securing a tarp
    is only limited by your imagination.
  • Anchor lil Weggie and clamp it down. Creates quick & easy
    Tarp Systems.
  • Get a Grip’s lil Weggie lock mechanism eliminates the need for specialty tarps and expensive systems. It’s the duck tape of clamps!

How many ways can you use your lil Weggie?

lilWeggie-Tarp-Clip Our
goal is to provide the market place with a secure and dependable
product that will hold and lock tarps or other materials in place. The lil Weggie is designed to hold up to the tensile strength of your material or tarp. While the lil Weggie is designed for the trucking industry, there are multiple ways the lil Weggie can be helpful in personal or recreation uses.

Tarp System Benefits


  1. Quick & Easy Tarp SystemSecure tarps in minutes Easy to Use
  2. Save TimeGet on the road faster. Unload Faster Safe & Secure
  3. Less Parts – Less ExpenseNo need for grommets, special loops or connections, or extensive bungee cords or strap systems Amazing abilities
  4. Works on ALL Tarps
  5. Fits Tarps to Load
  6. Torn Tarps – No Problem!

Pool Clip - Pool Clamp
Pool Clip – Pool Clamp

Boat Clip - Boat Clamp
Boat Clip – Boat Clamp

Tent Clip - Tent Clamp
Tent Clip – Tent Clamp


Featured In

When My friend Lori got burned out by the August 30th, 2011 wildfires, she was forced to live on her land, camp fashion, for over 6 months, while trying to rebuild. Her meager campsite was all she had, and the tarps that sheltered it were nothing special...Rebuilding the campsite had been a weekly chore, as the wind, and rain tore thru grommets and lesser clamps with ease, until she discovered the lil weggie. Not only...more >>