Material Locking Tarp Clip System

The founders of Get A Grip Inc. have been working on the development of a unique tarp clamping device that has multiple purposes and uses for several years. Get A Grip designed and constructed several models to determine the best design for the lil Weggie and the best materials for construction. The prototype models have successfully been tested and the drivers were very pleased and excited about the lil Weggie. Get A Grip has patent # 7,509,713.

The lil Weggie can be used on a tarp without the need for a grommet, special loops or connections. One of the most expensive components of a tarp is the adding of grommets or other devices for securing the tarp over the load. The addition of the grommets or other devices always increases the weight of the tarp and increases the difficulty in handling the tarp. With the lil Weggie, a much less expensive and lighter tarp can be purchased and the connection point for the tarp is not at a fixed point as with pre-inserted grommets or connections. The tarp over any shaped load can be easily secured by the lil Weggie.

Every trucker needs a lil Weggie. Did your grommet pull out, no problem with the lil Weggie! Did your loop or hook break, no problem with the lil Weggie! Any tear or missing grommet is no problem with the lil Weggie. You will be surprised at how simple the lil Weggie is to use and how it will extend the use and life of your tarps.

The lil Weggie is designed with a double roller to allow for give and take in the movements of the tarp. The lil Weggie has a spring loaded, thumb operated locking device that keeps the lil Weggie secure until released.

While the lil Weggie has been designed for use with tarps securing loads on a flat bed trailer, its use is not limited to only that use. The lil Weggie is not designed to be a load bearing or load securing devise, but is designed to hold onto any type of material that can be inserted into the mouth of the lil Weggie. We are interested in how you use the lil Weggie. Please contact us and tell us about the uses that you find for the lil Weggie. We are also interested in any comments, either good or bad, about the lil Weggie. Get A Grip wants to provide a solid, dependable locking devise that will make life easier and better for you. We believe in the lil Weggie and hope you do too!



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When My friend Lori got burned out by the August 30th, 2011 wildfires, she was forced to live on her land, camp fashion, for over 6 months, while trying to rebuild. Her meager campsite was all she had, and the tarps that sheltered it were nothing special...Rebuilding the campsite had been a weekly chore, as the wind, and rain tore thru grommets and lesser clamps with ease, until she discovered the lil weggie. Not only...more >>